Properly Store your Cigars:how to store cigars

Without the distinct flavors that range anywhere from earthy to cocoa, a cigar would simply lose its purpose. To truly experience your favorite cigar at its highest potential, you must first learn how to preserve the taste and moisture of the tobacco it is made from. The answer lies in the details of how you choose to stow away your collection. With all the many storage options and DIYs on the market, how do you properly store your cigars?

We’ll hit you with the crucial numbers first.

Temperature: Always below 72 degrees Fahrenheit

Humidity: 65% – 72% (Measuring tool for humidity)

Things you need:

Source of Humidification




The climate where the cigars are stored is by far the most important aspect of preserving the taste. Tobacco is naturally grown and produced in a tropical, moist climate that is between 65% – 72% humidity. To keep the wrapping and flavors in their prime, you will have to mimic this climate. This is the purpose of a humidor, and why cigars require humidification in general. Humidors are storage devices that create an air-locked humidity-controlled climate. Most humidors are made of cedar, which is a type of wood that helps control and seal this climate. These devices can be bought on any size scale that fits your collection. However, when purchasing a humidor, it is essential to consider a max capacity that is a level higher than the intended storage size. This allows there to be enough space for air to circulate around the stored cigars.

What if I don’t humidify my cigars?

This is simple. Your cigar will dry out. A tobacco leaf that is dried out does not hold flavor. This will also result in your wrapping cracking. Your cigar will not only taste unpleasant, but you may even experience mold or hot smoke. The best tasting cigars are those that are kept cool. The cooler the smoke, then the more the flavors are amplified.

Temperature Monitoring:

Another characteristic that contributes to your cigars moisture is the temperature. In addition to controlling the humidity, the temperature should also be monitored. It is best to buy a thermometer and store it within the humidor. If your humidor does not come with an installed Hygrometer(humidity measurement), you can also purchase one and place it along the inside next to the thermometer.

Should I leave the storage tube on the container when storing?

It all depends on the type of storage the cigar is shipped or bought with. If the storage tube is not air-tight or sealed with wax, it should be removed. By not removing it, you are not allowing the cigar to fully absorb the moisture from the humidity. If the cigar is sealed air-tight or with wax, then the cigar was placed within the tube at the perfect humidity. It can be stored this way forever, as the air-tight seal will never allow the cigar to dry out or mold. Many cigars with bold, infused flavors are delivered in these air-tight containers to prevent the flavor from influencing surrounding cigars.


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